I quit junk

Junk food and drink: goodbye and good riddance.

Junk food and drink isn’t our friend, both from a health and environmental perspective. ‘Big Sugar’ is a powerful £multi-billion lobby, as is the junk food and drinks industry in general. It seems we’re hooked on ultra-processed food and drink items that are craftily manufactured by combining fat, starchy carbs, sugar and salt to generate ‘bliss points’ that we find irresistible.

Not only that, processed food and drink items generate enormous volumes of discarded single-use plastic, which ends up in landfill or being incinerated (sometimes via shipments of garbage to developing countries) or in our oceans and rivers.

I quit junk is a campaign (and personal affirmation) to support individuals who want to give up the junk in their diets and to reap the environmental, financial, health and social benefits.

Just say ‘no’ to junk. Start today!

Believe in the power of NO and the power of NOW.