Fun to make & good to eat


Free-range eggs

Vegetarian mince



Herbs (eg chives, parsley or sage) optional

Spices (eg allspice or mace) optional

Oil for frying


Boil some eggs (4 – 7 minutes, depending on how firm or runny you like your yolks). Once boiled, plunge in cold water and set aside.

Lightly cook some vegetarian mince on the hob (using a sufficient amount to coat the eggs that you’ve prepared). Optional: add in some herbs, eg chopped chives, parsley or sage, and a good pinch of ground allspice or mace.

If the mince mix is lumpy, whizz to a finer texture using a mini-chopper or similar. You could also use the mini-chopper to make the breadcrumbs from stale bread.

Take three bowls. Add flour to one, the mince mix to another, and some beaten egg (thinned with milk, if necessary) to the third bowl.

Shell the boiled eggs and add to the bowl with flour. Roll the eggs in the flour. Then coat the eggs in the mince mix, pressing it around the egg. Roll again the flour. Dip into the beaten egg and then coat in breadcrumbs. Repeat the dipping into beaten egg and coating in breadcrumbs, to add an extra layer if you have sufficient ingredients left to do so.

Gently shallow-fry the scotch eggs until golden.

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