Are you a cookery school?

No, we’re not a cookery school. We might occasionally offer some teaching on topics such as: low-sugar baking; waste-free meals, and vegetarian/plant-based recipes

Do you promote veganism?

No, and we’re not affiliated to any vegan or vegetarian group. However, we love growing, cooking and eating fruit and vegetables. We also recognise that meat, especially beef, has a massive carbon and water footprint. (Air-freighted fruit and veg also have huge carbon footprints). Professor Mike Berner-Lee’s book ‘How Bad are Bananas’ provides data on the relative carbon footprints of our food choices

Who runs Food School?

Food School was set up by Sue Cassell. Sue is a volunteer with a professional background in nutrition, catering, food safety and hygiene, sustainability and research. A team of volunteers, with a range of expertise, are also involved with Food School

Where are you based?

Chippenham, in Wiltshire. Food School is a pilot project and the aim is to inspire the creation of other Food Schools across the UK and beyond