Food School Draft Curriculum

Day 1

Aims and objectives; ice-breakers and introductions; house rules, including health and safety

Module 1: Food in context: historical, geographical and economic perspectives (to include food insecurity, role of Food Banks, Food Box scheme, etc)

Module 2: Basic nutrition

Module 3: Meal planning and budgeting (towards zero waste)

Module 4: Basic Food Safety and Hygiene

Module 5: The allotment

Homework/competition: the ‘yellow sticker/zero-waste’ or allotment produce challenge: prepare a dish that includes a price-reduced and/or allotment item.  

Day 2

Module 6: Food styling and photography

Module 7: Planning, preparing and serving a community lunch

End: washing up, and wash-up/evaluation, plus awarding of certificates for completion of the Food School 2021